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Our Process

Mendoza & Associates is a financial consulting firm specializing in comprehensive financial planning and investing.  When formulating a financial plan and investment strategy, we understand the delicate balance between risk and reward, and adhere to a disciplined approach which affords our clients the best opportunity for success.

At Mendoza & Associates, we’ll take you through the following steps of financial planning:

1.  Initial Consultation:  Without any obligation, we will meet and get to know one another.  We’ll discuss your dreams, goals and objectives, and begin to discuss financial planning in a broad sense while addressing any immediate needs or concerns.  If necessary, we’ll meet again before establishing a more formal relationship.

2.  Development of Financial Plan:  We will thoroughly assess your current financial situation and risk tolerance, analyze your current resources, and make recommendations with consideration to your time horizons and priorities.

3.  Investment Recommendations:  We are an independent firm which means that we are not encouraged to recommend any specific investments to our clients.  That gives us the flexibility to objectively propose the most suitable investments that align with your specific financial circumstances.

4.  Plan Implementation and Monitoring:  After implementing a well-designed financial plan that is appropriate for your present needs, yet flexible enough for the future, we will monitor the performance and assist you in continuing to pursue your objectives.

5.  Coordinate With Other Professionals:  Wealth accumulation and estate preservation includes coordinating our planning with tax and legal professionals; therefore, we will establish relationships with your estate planning attorney and accountant to ensure a collaborative approach.

Primary Areas of Focus

Retirement Planning We understand that one of the greatest fears retirees have is outliving their assets.  Based on an analysis of your current expenditures, we can help project your future retirement income needs and develop a strategy to help provide you with a comfortable retirement income.

Risk Management – In addition to managing the level of risk with your portfolio, we will determine if there is a need for insurance and assist you in obtaining the proper amount and type of coverage in the most cost efficient manner.

Estate Planning Strategies – We realize the importance of leaving a legacy to your heirs, so we will develop a plan for the most efficient transfer of your assets, while helping to minimize taxes.

Other Areas – We also offer tax planning, cash flow analysis, long term health care planning, and business planning.